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If you haven’t yet explored the idea of building user friendly websites, it is vital that you understand that there are all sorts of different things to consider here. You can be as fancy or complicated as you’d like. It is much better, though, to start with something simple and small and work up to the more complicated ideas you want to try. The reason for this is you need to find the knowledge and then learn it. When you do this, you should start at the very beginning and start making small changes.

Only use fonts that are known to be easy on the eyes and those in which people tend to read in the news. Generally speaking, anything that causes the slightest eye strain needs to be avoided like the plague, and there are plenty to choose from that are good to use. Avoid the temptation to look artistic with half a dozen fonts that are all different and so on. What you want to do is only use a couple and probably stick to less then about three font types. If this is your first business blog, then there’s no need to try and get fancy about it.

With your business blog design, or the theme, you can do well with the minimum just as long as it’s clean. Yes you know that it plays a role with the impression you make, so it does matter. In addition, the layout plays a huge role for too many reasons to discuss in this paragraph. What you want to achieve is successfully selling your message, and yes, everything comes down to selling even when you’re not doing a hard sell. Remember that speed is important, so find a good theme you think will be accepted and get your blog live.

Don’t be shy about getting right to the heart of the matter with what your primary offer is right on your home page. While you should avoid making your home page full of ads like most sites do, a few tasteful teasers to good presell copy is worth trying. If possible, try and find out how you can use different banners in the side bars of other pages. Lay it all out nicely because you’ll have an optin box somewhere in addition to other ads, etc. Avoid GIF animations and the like, and just experiment with various designs for banners and graphics.

You can easily make your blog stickier when people don’t have a compelling reason to leave. People will realize on some level that you care more than the next blogger. Once you do things like this, then it becomes a change of habit and more of what you do will scream quality.

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